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ITF/CAT Training Centers

The ITF African Training Center is located in Hatfield, two minutes walk from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and uses the facilities at the University. The project is co-ordinated in conjunction with the South African Tennis Association.

The Centre has the following facilities:
• accommodation for 24 players
• 8 hard courts
• rugby and soccer fields
• swimming pools
• basketball courts
• sports shop
• medical centre including physiotherapy and biokinetics
• restaurant
• a gymnasium.

The Centre is under the direction of Mr Dermot Sweeney from Zambia.

Coaching Staff
The Assistant Coaches are Aldrin Ndinya of Kenya and JO Spies of South Africa.
Housemistress / Administrator
Margaret Owen is in charge of the players’ academic studies and the overall well-being
of the players residing at the Centre.

A) To help young African tennis players reach their full potential both on the court
and academically.
B) To win local and international junior events.
C) To get a US college scholarship and possibly play full time professional tennis.
D) To educate African coaches working closely with their National Associations.

Any ITF member nation in Africa can nominate one or more junior players aged 13 - 18 to attend the Training Centre for one month. Applications will be considered on a "space available" basis. Every effort will be made to give as many countries as possible
the opportunity to participate. Players under the age of 13 and over 19 can be admitted in exceptional circumstances.

After one month at the Centre, players can remain for extended stays of up to eleven months. This is strictly by invitation only. To be considered for long-term residence at the Centre, players must:

1) Show excellent potential.
2) Demonstrate a positive attitude in training and matches, giving 100% effort at all times.
3) Maintain a high level of physical fitness.
4) Achieve good results in matchplay.

Academic schooling can be arranged for students invited to remain for year-round programmes. Any costs related to schooling (i.e. fees, uniforms, books) must be borne by the player's own National Association. This is included in the US$2,000 special levy
payment per player per year that the National Association must pay (see Financial Information section).

Players not attending school are taught English, Mathematics and French by teachers at the Centre. These costs are paid out of the special levy payment.

It is advisable to arrive in excellent physical condition as the players will be required to train four to five hours per day, five days a week. Periodic fitness tests are also given.

National Associations may nominate coaches working closely with their National Associations to attend the Training Centre for periods of one or more months. Stays of more than one month are by invitation only.

Coaches will be working with the Director in the daily programme of the Training Centre. They will primarily be "learning by doing" which has proven to be an extremely practical method of coaches' education. Theoretical sessions are also scheduled for coaches.

The ITF, through the Grand Slam Development Fund, is able to subsidise a substantial portion of the monthly cost for participants.
The cost for a player or coach to attend the Centre is US$400 per month. This includes all fees, lodging, meals and local transportation. Should a player be invited to stay at the centre on a scholarship basis, then the costs
are as follows:
• The monthly fee will be paid by the ITF.
• The National Association will pay US$1,500 (if a player is on a half-scholarship) or US$750 (if a player is on a full scholarship) for the entire year to cover housekeeping items (as detailed above and below).
Transport costs to Johannesburg and back to the home country are the responsibility of the National Association.
The National Association will be responsible for the payment of all applicable fees for players attending the Centre.

The Centre operates throughout the year.

The Centre arranges a medical examination for all players shortly after arrival. Players attending for one month should have adequate insurance before departure to South Africa.

Medical Insurance is taken out for players on scholarship only. The cost of this insurance is deducted from the special levy payment. The insurance covers players only while in South Africa. It does not cover minor medical bills and dentistry.

Physiotherapy and Doctors bills are the responsibility of the National Association.
Players must be thoroughly fit before leaving their home country. Please do not send players who are injured or in need of medical attention, since this is a waste of time and resources at the Centre.

Players living in Malaria areas are advised to have booster injections of anti Malaria vaccines before leaving for the Centre.

All travel costs should be met by the National Association except in exceptional circumstances. Travel should be organised for arrival at Johannesburg International airport.

All players must obtain a visa for the Republic of South Africa in advance. You will not be allowed to enter South Africa without having the visa in advance. NB: The immigration laws in South Africa are very strict and players requiring visas who arrive in South Africa without them will be deported immediately. Players should also check that they have received the correct visa before leaving Johannesburg International airport.

Weather: Johannesburg generally has one of the finest climates for tennis. The summer months are between September and April. During this time the temperature ranges between 20 - 30 degrees Celsius. There is a summer rainfall as well. Winter months are May - August and during this time the temperature ranges between 0 - 22 degrees Celsius. Players should ensure that they bring adequate clothing for this variable climate.

All players and coaches must come equipped with a minimum of two strung rackets of the same make, two pairs of tennis shoes, tennis attire, casual wear and towels. For scholarship players only: R 250 pocket money will be given to players per month.
Strings (as many as required) and tennis shoes (maximum of 9 pairs per year) will also be bought for players. This money is taken out of the special levy payment paid by the National Association.

All enquiries regarding the programme should be directed to Mr Dermot Sweeney:
Tel / fax: 27 12 362 4789
E-mail: sweeney@netactive.co.za

Nominations for players or coaches to attend the Training Centre should be submitted by the National Association concerned. To do so, please complete the attached application form and fax or e-mail it to:
Frank Couraud, Development Projects Administrator
International Tennis Federation
Bank Lane
London SW15 5XZ
Tel: 44 20 8392 4707
Fax: 44 20 8392 4742
E-mail: frank.couraud@itftennis.com

Once acceptance has been given by the ITF office in London, you will be sent a “release” form for the player(s)/coach (es) concerned. This should be completed and faxed to both the ITF office in London and Dermot Sweeney at the Training Centre in
South Africa.

Since space is limited, and the Centre is often operating at full capacity, National Associations should submit entries well in advance and not send players without having received a written confirmation from the ITF Development Department. Any players
who arrive at the Centre without a confirmed booking WILL RISK BEING SENT HOME ON THE NEXT AVAILABLE FLIGHT, and the cost of any time spent at the Centre will be billed to the National Association concerned.

Note: Applications from individuals will not be accepted unless the National Association
has endorsed them.