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Elective Annual General Meeting Of The CAT

24-03-2015 16:00:00  

The elective Annual General Meeting of the Confederation of African Tennis (CAT) took place in Gammarth – Tunis, on Saturday 21 March 2015 with the participation of 48 delegates representing 34 African Tennis Federation. A record of number of countries never registered at an Annual General Meeting of the CAT since its creation in 1973.
Mr. Maher Ben Dhia, Tunisian Minister of Youth and Sports has pronounced the Welcome Speech to all participants and opened that AGM 2015 that was marked by the attendance of Mr. Francesco Ricci Bitti, President of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Mr Juan Margets Executive Vice President of the ITF as well as several invited personalities, including Mr. Jacques Dupré, President of Tennis Europe.

The AGM 2015 took place at a Luxury Hotel of the North Suburb of Tunis and was marked by a very good atmosphere of fraternity and conviviality between all participants in spite of the election’s challenge.
For the position of CAT Presidency, two candidates were on the competition: the outgoing President, Tunisian Tarak Cherif and Egyptian Mohamed Islam El Sanhoury.
The results of the secret ballot were as follow:
  • 25 Votes for Tarak Chérif
  • 9 Votes for Mohamed Islam El Sanhoury
    Thus, Mr Tarak Cherif – Tunisia was elected for a third consecutive mandate as President of the Confederation of African Tennis for the Term 2015 – 2019.

The election of the 5 Vice Presidents, Zones’ President came just after the first election and the elected persons were
  • Mr Khaled Ezankouli (Libya): Vice President & President of the Zone I (North Africa)
  • Mr Mohamed Omar Traoré (Mali): 1st Vice President & President of the Zone II (West Africa)
  • Mr Samuel Minko Mindong (Gabon): Vice President & President of the Zone III (Central Africa)
  • Mr Patrick Gichira (Kenya): Vice President & President of the Zone IV (East Africa)
  • Mr Nelson Amanze (Botswana): Vice President & President of the Zone V (Southern Africa)

Finally it’s important to mention that on 20th of March, it was held some meeting of the 5 zones where Mr Tarak Chérif, Président de la CAT, Mr Francesco Ricci Bitti, President de l’ITF, Mr Juan Margets ITF Executive Vice President and Mr Dave Miley accompanied by the ITF Development Staff have made the rounds of table to discuss with the delegate of each zones about matters concerning the development of tennis in Africa.
After these meetings, all delegates have effectuated a visit to the CAT Headquarters and were than invited to a dinner offered by the CAT.