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EGYPT & TUNISIA ranked respectively 2nd and 3rd


Trophy of the Best Nation in 2023:

The Final Nations Ranking of 2023 is calculated on the basis of the total number of points obtained by each nation in the singles and doubles events for girls and boys during the individual competitions organized in 2023. This ranking takes into account the results of the African championships of 18 years and under, 16 years and under and the 1st AJC 14 years and under organized in 2023.

To these points are also added bonus points obtained during the 2nd AJC for 14 years and under organized during the 4th quarter of 2022

Only the top eight singles results and the top eight individual doubles results of each nation will be calculated to determine the total points, with a maximum of two results per age group and gender.


Morocco obtained the 1st place with a total point of 2010 points ahead of Egypt 2nd with 1630 points and Tunisia 3rd with 1540 points. Nigeria with 561 points and Algeria with 503 points ranked 4th and 5th respectively.

Titles won in Singles and Doubles:


·        3 Titles in Singles – Boys 16&U, Girls 18&U and Boys 18&U.

·        1 Title in Doubles – Boys 18&U

Egypt :

·        1 Title in Singles – Girls 16&U.

·        2 Titles in Doubles – Boys 18&U and Girls 16&U


Tunisia :

·        1 Title in Singles – Girls 14&U.

·        3 Titles in Doubles – Boys 14&U, Boys 16&U and Girls 14&U


Nigeria :

·        1 Title in Singles – Boys 14&U.


Attached is the Final Nations’ Ranking including all necessary details