14-05-2024 16:30:51  

MOROCCO, Best Nation in 2024

For the sixth consecutive year, the Fédération Royale Marocaine de Tennis has clinched the prestigious Best Nation’s Trophy, thanks to the outstanding performances of Moroccan players in various African Junior Championships. The Egyptian Tennis Federation secured the second position, with the Fédération Tunisienne de Tennis claiming third place in the final rankings.

The Best Nation’s Ranking for 2024 was determined based on the cumulative points earned by each nation across the singles and doubles events for both girls and boys in the African Junior Championships of 18 years and under, 16 years and under, as well as the inaugural AJC 14 years and under held in 2024. Additionally, bonus points from the 2nd AJC for 14 years and under, organized during the fourth quarter of 2023, were also included in the calculation.

Only the top eight results in singles and doubles for each nation were considered, with a maximum of two results per age group and gender.



Final ranking